• Core Values

At AlphaAdvisors, we believe that combining the power of emerging technologies and data is the best way for businesses to succeed in the future. We strive to help our clients transform their businesses in an ever-changing technology landscape. 


  1. Be Curious, Not Judgmental
  2. As said best by Coach Lasso quoting Walt Whitman, many of these emerging technologies are still in their infancy. There will be missteps along the way, but showing a little curiosity can help change the world.

  3. Build Community
  4. We are building an equitable and inclusive community that is at the service of all members - from identity to governance.

  5. Focus on People
  6. Our people and clients come first. No compromise, no matter the cost.

  7. Instill Trust
  8. We build trust in every interaction - through our behaviors, actions, and outcomes.

Our Leadership
Kyle Murphy
Founding Partner

Kyle has helped companies navigate digital transformation for over 15 years, and believes the technology underpinning Artificial Intelligence, Web3, and advances in data analysis are the next wave of evolution. His career has been focused on emerging technology – transitioning to the Cloud, the adoption of automation, and now Artificial Intelligence.

Tom Estella
Founding Partner

Tom Estella’s 25 years of experience in data and advanced analytic leadership roles include IBM, Grant Thornton and JP Morgan Chase. Tom has significant experience leading as a cloud data solution architect and a data scientist in both public and private companies across a variety of industries including media, entertainment, consumer products, manufacturing and financial services. 

Neil Rinehimer
Founding Partner

Neil works daily to create dynamic growth opportunities with our customers while reducing stress and risk. He accomplishes this through strategic business guidance, CFO level accounting advice, best-in-class outsourced accounting practices, and implementation of cloud-based technology. 

Suraj Nadipelly

Suraj has strong leadership experience driving and delivering multimillion-dollar data, technology, and transformation initiatives. With over a decade of experience, he has served Fortune 500 clients and guided Private Equity-backed portfolio companies (LMM & MM) through the lenses of CTO and CDO.

Our Team
Pranav Nanda
Technical Delivery Lead

Pranav has deep knowledge in intelligent automation (IA), Business Intelligence, and Digital Transformation. He has more than 8 years of experience leveraging disruptive technologies to help organizations increase efficiency and productivity. Pranav has worked at Consulting firms like Deloitte and IBM as well as boutique firms specializing in Digital Transformation. 

Caitlin Hefner
Head of Growth Marketing

Caitlin leverages 15 years of proven success developing targeted strategies that further our brand and business goals. With extensive expertise in content production, campaign automation and implementing integrated communications plans, she finds creative ways to accelerate our company’s next stage of rapid growth.