Guiding Innovative New Turf Development with the Help of AI

Guiding Innovative New Turf Development with the Help of AI

Southwest Greens stands at the forefront of artificial turf installation, known for providing high-quality synthetic lawns and putting greens. When an innovative turf product was envisioned by one of their franchisees, they sought a partner who could guide them through the complex journey of product development and market launch. Alpha Advisors was their chosen partner. 

Our work with Southwest Greens was more than just a consultancy; it was a close-knit collaboration. Our consultants partnered closely with the franchisee through every stage of new product creation. At the outset, we assessed the viability of acquiring technology from another company but concluded that a fresh, tailored approach was more fitting. 

Together, we charted out a clear path: identifying the target market, sketching out the product’s design, developing prototypes, and setting a financial strategy for pricing – with the help of a bespoke AI model. Importantly, we also co-developed packaging with specialists and introduced a unique installation method that’s both efficient and cost-effective. Currently, we’re in the phase of field-testing the product and ensuring its intellectual property rights. 

Kyle from Alpha Advisors managed our new product launch and assisted with branding, pricing, and production. Using an AI-driven pricing model he designed, he analyzed our costs and identified ideal wholesale pricing. He is a fantastic person to work with: approachable, open-minded, and analytical. He was able to distill all the ideas we had into the critical actions we needed to take.

Jim Walton, President, Southwest Greens of Florida  

With our hands-on support, Southwest Greens is gearing up to introduce a standout synthetic turf product to the market. This new offering is designed not just to meet customer needs but to set Southwest Greens apart in a competitive marketplace. A key breakthrough was partnering with packaging engineers to develop a novel installation process that simplifies and speeds up turf placement while reducing labor costs. We are currently overseeing real-world testing and securing patents to ready the product for launch. 

With AlphaAdvisors’ strategic guidance and execution support, the franchisee is bringing an innovative new synthetic turf to market. Our end-to-end involvement from ideation to commercialization enabled the client to create a differentiated offering with true competitive advantage. The new product will allow Southwest Greens to expand its customer base while upholding its reputation for quality. 

Our joint efforts highlight Alpha Advisors’ commitment to turning client ideas into market-ready solutions, and we’re excited to see where this journey takes Southwest Greens next.