Costco at night
So the other day I went to Costco to think….

So the other day I went to Costco to think….

Weird right? But for me, it’s my happy place where I find solace and clarity.

Recently, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and needed some time to regroup and gather my thoughts, so I headed to Costco.

I began to think about my priorities. I asked myself questions like, “What else do I need to be doing to maximize my time each day?” and “How do I balance delivery, business development, and spending time with my family?”

(Oh, a 55in tv for $400?? I mean, I really don’t need another tv…guess I’ll keep walking)

I realized that I needed to set boundaries and hold myself accountable. I decided to block my calendar for gym trips, shut the laptop at 5 to pick up my son, and spend time with my wife in the evening. It was time to implement the lessons I learned from the book “Atomic Habits” (fantastic book btw).

(Sweet! Demo massage chairs…guess I’ll sit down for 10 minutes)

I started to capture all my thoughts, tasks, and even goals into my “Second Brain” Notion board. Getting all these thoughts into my system helped calm my thoughts and gave me a sense of control.

As I walked further, I started to think about how to differentiate my business.

(Puts 300lbs of dino chicken nuggets in cart)

There is a fundamental conflict with the idea of billable hours vs the delivery of value. So how do I shift a client’s mindset from a specific number of hours to a real value based outcome?

I began to shape my productized offering focused on:

·      People

·      Process

·      Technology

(Yes, I would like a sample of the kombucha)

I want to help business address those 3 buckets in a different way. How can they immediately deploy tools like ChatGPT and smart contracts ? How can I remain product agnostic to provide the right solution – not be a hammer looking for a nail? And, most importantly, how can we stay focused on real outcomes not billable hours?

I had my outline and look forward to sharing with you soon.

(Paper towels and toilet paper CHECK)

As I began to approach the massive checkout line (buys Costco stock), I reflected on my decision to become an entrepreneur. It was a huge step that would impact not only me, but my family as well. We had daycare to pay for, try to save some money to fix up our old row home…the list goes on. When I finally spoke to my wife her response was “if you are going to do it, go all in.” So I leapt and did not look back.

(Grabs flowers, cause duh)

As a business owner and founder, you have to find your happy place and take the time to just think and disconnect from the chaos. It provided me with the clarity and focus I needed to keep chasing greatness.

Also – If anyone from Costco reads this my email is Services can be bartered for a lifetime supply of $1.50 hotdogs.

About author:
Kyle Murphy Founder & Managing Member, Alpha Advisors