Unlocking member loyalty with data analytics at Co-op Solutions

Unlocking member loyalty with data analytics at Co-op Solutions

Co-op Solutions is a leader in providing credit unions with the latest technology and insights to strengthen member connections and drive growth. They have a vast wealth of transactional data about their credit union members. Co-op engaged Alpha Advisors to help determine how to best leverage this data to create an innovative new product offering.

Through workshops with Co-op Solutions and their credit union clients, our consultants gained an in-depth understanding of their goals, needs, and challenges. It became clear that a top priority was identifying members at risk of attrition so they could act early and retain those members.

Our team outlined the technical requirements for developing a machine-learning model to predict member churn. We provided strategic guidance on the product strategy, pricing models, and go-to-market plan. The result was a roadmap for Co-op Solutions to launch a new subscription service that empowers credit unions with data-driven insights into member loyalty.

The predictive model we designed pinpoints members likely to leave and take appropriate actions to strengthen those relationships. Early testing indicates the solution will provide significant value to their credit unions. Co-op Solutions is now positioned to help them reduce attrition and cultivate profitable long-term relationships through proactive outreach and personalized interactions.

This project exemplifies the power of leveraging data analytics to solve strategic business challenges. Our partnership with Co-op Solutions yielded an innovative solution that meets client needs while unlocking new revenue potential. We look forward to seeing the positive impact on credit union growth and member satisfaction.